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I’m Mike. You probably don’t know me, but if we share some of the same interests, then you might enjoy what my website has to offer.

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A selection of articles I’ve written. Some are long-winded. Others merely introduce a video or a collection of photos. Topics include: skiing, hiking, travel, and more. I hope you’ll find them fun, interesting, and/or informative.


A portfolio of my favorite landscape photos, from Adirondack Park in New York state to an unmaintained trail on the island of Kauai. I hope you find some inspiration in the beauty of the landscapes.

Fall colors and Mount Moran. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. October 6, 2019.

A Skier’s Journal

A Skier’s Journal is a book I wrote about my first ski season in Utah. It’s about more than that, but that ski season is the basis upon which I relate other experiences (spoiler alert: also mostly about skiing).

The view from Snowbird’s Hidden Peak was what first captivated me, but the more I learned about the quality of the skiing there, the more devoted I became. I daydreamed over its trail map and the images in its brochures. I had to get back there someday.